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Developer information

Welcome to the BAOS developer information website. This website covers all information necessary for developers to start writing software for BAOS, whether this consists of new OS functionality or programs that run on top of BAOS.

This documentation is devided into two sections. One covering background information on the workings of BOAS. This is intended for people that want to write new OS functionality or low-level programs.
The other part is a reference of all the functions that can be used while programming for BAOS. If you want to know which function to use to perform a specific action, just open the page and search for it. A discription of every function that can be called from within the OS or from a program (whether you are writing your code in Basic Asm or in native Assembly) is listed here.

At the bottom of this page you will find some miscellaneous information on BAOS, including the Users Guide that comes with it in PDF format.

System Information

This section covers the internal workings of BAOS. How does the multitasking work? And the filesystem. For any in-depth onformation on the workings of BAOS, please continue...

Function Reference

The function reference documentation is automatically generated from the inline source documentation of BAOS and is intended to help while developing new part of BOAS or writing new userspace programs.

The function reference is devided into three parts:

These function references can be found here:

OS Function Reference This part is for the low-level functions that are used by the OS itself and can be used while writing new parts of the OS.
libbaos Function Reference This part is for the libbaos OS library and can be used for writing new programs in Assembly to run on top of BAOS.
libbzc Function Reference This part is for the libbzc library and can be used for writing new programs in Basic Asm (using the BZC compiler) to run on top of BAOS.

Other information

Beside this, there is also some other documentation included:

Manual.pdf A manual about the current release of BAOS, everything you need to know to start using BAOS.
diagram.jpg A diagram about the internal structure of BAOS.
README.txt The old (version 0.02) README file. BZC and BAOS project page.