BAOS - Releases

You can download the latest version of BZC using the links in the table below.

Please select which release you would like to download:

Platform Description File name
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Platform Independent Sources This package contains both prebuild binaries as the BAOS sources. The sources can be build both on Unix as Windows based platforms.


Development/Unstable Tree

Beside the official releases, you can also download the latest sources. Downlaoding the latest source means you really download the latest version (within a scope of hours) of this project. However, there is a caveat: you have to build the binaries yourself, and the sources may not be 100% stable.
However we try to keep this public 'master' tree as stable as possible, which means that the software should compile/build and more or less work as expected.

The development tree is available through git at git:// and using our Nightly Snapshot Service.

Older Releases

Older releases can be found at SourceForge.Net. Note that the OS API and functionality can differ from version to version.