BAOS - Project Status

On this page you will find information about the current state of the project. In the diagram below (click to enlarge), you can see some functionality catagories. You can also see which group depends on another.

Diagram of BAOS functionality groups

In the table below, you will find the current state of all the functionality that BAOS should have / is going to have.

*: Next means this feature is already implemented upstream, but not yet included in the current release.


Explaination of states

State Description
No Activity No Activity means nothing is done at all on this function.
Planned Planned means that already is tought about how this function will work, but that not yet anything has been written. However this will probably change in a short time.
Developing Developing means that this function is currently being developed. Some things can already been implmented ("alpha"-state), however it is also possible that nothing has been written at this time.
Testing Testing means that the function should work in theory, but it has not yet been tested and/or there are bugs in it that should be fixed before it can be marked as beta.
Beta Beta means that this function is fully implemented, but it is possible that there are bugs in it.
Stable Stable means that this function is fully implementen and that it should be bugfree.