BZC - News

5 Februari 2010

Updated the site while preparing for the releases of both BZC 0.2 as BAOS 0.05. Most of the manuals are now online or will probably be added shortly.

Currently, we are working on the final bug-fixes of BAOS and documentaion of both projects. Also the Windows packages of both projects need to be looking at.

However, due to lack of free time, this might still take a few weeks. In the mean time, you can check out our projects git repositories at git:// and git://, or use our Nightly Snapshot Service.

16 March 2007

Due to the demands of college and other things on the time of the developers, BZC 0.2 will be delayed for some time. Ideally, we hope to release this next version sometime during the summer. Thanks in advance for your patience!

26 November 2006

BZC 0.2 is due to be released in early 2007. It will feature many improvements, including better handling of arrays, structures, and points, as well as better OS compiling, and support for compiling multiple source file projects. In fact, BZC's core is being completely overhauled, and a new assembler and linker are being built in support of this. The result will be a much more robust (and hopefully stable) compiler.

20 February 2006

We are happy to anounce that, after circa 10 months of hard work, the first alpha release of BZC is available. Technically, this release is an alpha version, despite the ability of the compiler to handle rather complex programs. Nevertheless, we intend to add more features before actually classifying the project as beta stage.