BAOS - News

5 Februari 2010

Updated the site while preparing for the releases of both BZC 0.2 as BAOS 0.05. Most of the manuals are now online or will probably be added shortly.

Currently, we are working on the final bug-fixes of BAOS and documentaion of both projects. Also the Windows packages of both projects need to be looking at.

However, due to lack of free time, this might still take a few weeks. In the mean time, you can check out our projects git repositories at git:// and git://, or use our Nightly Snapshot Service.

5 April 2008

At last, BAOS version 0.04 is released today. It took a little longer than expected, because we decided to make some overall project-changes first. An example of these changes is the new way of generating the function reference you can find on this website.

With this release, the BAOS FileSystem is at last fully implemented. There are also some filesystem administration tools and a simple text-editor. Together these programs give BAOS the first tiny bit of end-user functionality. In other words: BAOS is getting somewhere. Beside the BAOSFS, there are the usual bigfixes, the Manual has 2 new appendices and extended installation instructions.

The next release will probably cover a new way to handle system and filesystem locks and extend the process managing capabilities of BAOS. There might also be an early version of the library manager included in the next release.

You can download BAOS from the releases section and it is also pending to be updated add

14 February 2008

It's a long time ago since there was any news on this site, but in the background BAOS 0.04 is developing at full speed. In a little time the next version of BAOS will released, including the long expected BAOSFS, the directory based filesystem for BAOS.

Beside the FileSystem, there are a lot of changes made to the BAOS source. The next generation of program loading is successfully implemented, and ofcourse, many bugs are fixed. Currently there is being worked on the last modifications of the Flash-driver and the OS documentation.

On the long term (after the 0.04 release) there will be worked on the multitasking capabilities of the BAOS FileSystem and the implementation of the Library Manager.

In the mean time there has been some information exchange between the BAOS and Vera team. The two teams will both continue their work in seperate teams, but will stay in touch with one another, to share their expertise on specific OS-design problems.

7 September 2007

Version 0.03 is out, it's pending on, and is available for download from the releases page. Except for some bug-fixes, the program-loading part is implemented (except the whole library thing) and a "programming for BAOS" appendix is added to the users-guide. However, because there is still no filesystem, you must hard-code programs into the flash at assemble-time.

3 August 2007

At last the version 0.02 release is there. It took (yes I now, again) a bit longer than expected, due to a last-minute-bug and some problems regarding Windows/Unix compability. But now the release is there and a 100% new manual is now also included, which handles everything from assembling to installing to using BAOS and more...
The new release is now pending for addition on, which can take from a couple of hours to a month (like the last time :-).

19 July 2007

BAOS 0.02 is almost ready to be released. I've not yet implemented the promised filesystem, nor program starting works, but there are now enough changes for a next release. The ON-key interrupt finaly works, also screen-switching, cursor blinking and text-input work. As demonstration, I've temporarely build in a echoing tool (like cat on unix systems) and a very raw process monitoring tool. Also the memory leak is solved and the memory is now split-up into executable and not executable memory.
I'm now working on the documentation and packaging the lot (version 0.02 uses it's own assembler together with some other helping tools), depending on my free time, 0.02 should be out quick.

10 June 2007

Due to multiple reasons, the expected "few weeks" take a bit longer. Because of the multi-tasking, there are also some program-load-issues. There is another problem with the ON-key interrupt, which is terribly documentated. I'm currently disassembling TIOS to get it right.

19 April 2007

Finished the last bit: the function reference page. The whole site is now up. While I was trying to find out which registers are destroyed in various functions, I fixed a few permission bugs (freeing memory that belong to an other process, etc.). Also found a big one inside the screen manager. The current source is now 3318 lines of assembly.

8 April 2007

I started work on this website. The first official release of BAOS (0.01) is already 2 weeks pending for addition on, but version 0.02 seems to improve quickly. I'm expecting it in a few weeks. Multitasking is already working, the flash driver is in theory ready but not tested and text-input is nearly finished. In the mean time, you can download BAOS 0.01 by clicking on Releases (on the left). The current source is a bit more than 3200 lines.