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Welcome to the BAOS project page. This is the main website of BAOS, which is a replacement OS for TI-8x Plus calculators.

BAOS was / is being developed to be a fully-functional operating system (OS) for TI-83+ based calculators. BAOS allows you to use the full capabilities of your calculator by providing an interface similar to that of modern OS's, thus allowing other uses besides simply performing mathematical computations.

Because BAOS is aware of libraries, additional functionality should be relatively easy to implement, which makes development easier.

Features of BAOS

The key features of BAOS are:

The Current Stage

You can check out the current status of the project on the Project Status Page. The Latest News Page should also give you an idea of the current work being done on BAOS.

For Developers

For developers we have also the BAOS Documentation Page, which will give information on how the filesystem, timers, multitasking and other typical BAOS features are handled by the operating system.

A function reference gives information about all the functions (routines) you can use while programming new OS functionality or programs to run on top of BAOS. A must for each BAOS programmer!!